Clearing the way for the Terry Airport

  A John Deere 544K frontend loader was delivered to the Terry Airport Thursday, February 7. The loader will be used as a snowplow to clear off the airport’s runway. 

“It’s been an ongoing project for awhile,” said Airport Authority Board member Willis Bartholomay, who was a key component in garnering the federal grant.
The board first had to establish a building as a requirement to securing a federal grant for the loader. The heated building was 95 percent paid with federal grant money, with 5 percent coming from the county. Once the building was in place, board members went to work in applying for the federal grant for the snowplow equipment. The nearly $200,000 frontend loader was 90 percent paid with federal grant money, with county funds filling the remaining 10 percent.
Establishing a clear and safe runway helps in many ways, said Bartholomay, but in particular it helps the Prairie Community Hospital offer emergency services for patients needing immediate transportation and care. The hospital’s recent trauma designation was aided by the airport’s ability to allow emergency flights.
“Most people don’t realize the connection,” Bartholomay said.
Pictured at top: (l to r) Airport board member Charles Monaghan, two RDO Equipment reps from Bismarck, N.D., Airport Board members Dwight Tague and Willis Bartholomay, Mayor Ron Kiosse and Airport Board member Dale Galland.

Published February 13, 2013


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