Community, hospital staff gather to say goodbye to Reymans

By Kay Braddock 

       Listing a host of accomplishments made in the past five years at Prairie Community Hospital, out-going administrator Reed Reyman said he’s proud of the staff and the recent developments made at the facility.

“It should continue to go in a positive direction,” Reyman said during a recent interview. 
Reyman, who accepted a position as CEO at St Joseph’s Hospital and Health Center in Dickinson, ND, filled his last day as PCH administrator on Friday. Hospital and community members honored him and his wife Sandra later that afternoon during a farewell party held at the American Legion.
His duties at the Dickinson hospital began April 6.
Several of the hurdles the facility faced when he first arrived five years ago included pending litigations, no capital budget, no group purchasing agreement for supplies, out-dated equipment and only 14 of the hospital’s 21 beds filled. Reyman noted the facility is now running at 98 percent capacity with money in reserves, new equipment and a director of nursing position filled, along with another full-time physician assistant on staff.
Due in large part to the “sheer determination” of the hospital staff from office personal to nursing, Reyman said the hospital was able to pull out of a dismal state.
“The relationship with Glendive made this job more desirable,” Reyman said, pointing out his trips to Glendive Medical Center allowed him to see what was working there and implement those same processes at the Terry facility.
PCH and GMC are working together on a collaborative effort to hire a new administrator. So far GMC has performed telephone interviews with six applicants. The top three candidates will visit the Terry facility in upcoming weeks, with the hiring committee making the final decision.  
Published April 8, 2009
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