Town Council moves to disband public safety commission at June 12 meeting

 NOTE: The following items were taken from minutes of the June 12, 2012 regular town council meeting.

Mayor Ronald G. Kiosse presiding. Council members present were Rolane Christofferson, Clinton Rakes, and Fred Rambur. Also present were Town Attorney Rebecca Convery, Jared Davis, public works director and Clerk Lynn Strasheim.
The council discussed the Interlocal Agreement for Public Safety with the county. Convery has talked with MMIA regarding their coverage of county employees through the town’s policy. Alan Hulse (MMIA) told her that MMIA does provide the coverage if the interlocal agreement is considered “grandfathered in,” but they do not recommend the practice as it may be discriminatory to other employees of both the town and county. Also, Convery reported that there have been instances of liability to a town in cases that a Public Safety Commission was utilized. 
After discussion, the council passed a motion to disband the Public Safety Commission and move forward with an Interlocal Agreement for Law Enforcement Services with the county. 
In regards to Town/Fire Hall, no work was completed the past month on the Fire Hall remodel. Clerk Strasheim has completed the monthly inspection of fire extinguishers.
Public works discussed
• Davis reported on a discussion with the district sanitarian regarding recent repairs at the pool by Watco.
• The council moved to purchase a digital meter for testing at the swimming pool costing about $358.
• An estimate was reviewed on replacing the shop door received from Tom Pisk Construction for $800-$1000. The council passed a motion to proceed with replacing the door in the next fiscal year. 
• Kiosse discussed a 4H project that was proposed to him, with the participants painting benches and possibly the bell at the park. The council moved to approve the project and provide the supplies. 
Convery reported on recent Zoning Commission and Growth Planning Board meetings. The Zoning Commission is currently working on the agriculture zone and then will proceed to map out the town. 
There has been some discussion within both groups as to the town’s infrastructure. The town recently received a report from the DEQ, which recommends some upgrades to the lagoons prior to significant growth. The Growth Planning Board in particular has requested more specific information as to what the capacity of the current system is.
Strasheim had no progress to report in enrolling the town in the 811 Locate Program. She Kiosse will follow up with Clint Kalfell.
The council discussed the upcoming Terry Yippee Days and 100th year Celebration of Terry High School graduation. The council passed a motion to contribute $500 to the Prairie County Chamber of Commerce to go towards the expenses of Terry Yippee weekend with the special event. 
In regards to changing the regular Town Council meeting date and time, it was discovered to have been set by ordinance therefore requiring an ordinance amendment for change.
Convery has been in touch with MDU’s legal representation regarding the proposed franchise agreement, and is awaiting new documents to review.
The council will revisit a Resolution to Adopt State Subdivision Regulations at a subsequent meeting.
The council tabled discussion on establishing a truck route pending more research into the process.
Strasheim reported delinquent sewer accounts for June: five (5) friendly letters, no (0) letter #2’s and three (3) letter #3’s were sent.
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm. 

Published July 25, 2012

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