County 4-H members compete at All Events Day

From the Prairie County 4H 

Eighteen Prairie County 4-H members competed in 4-H All Events Day on Monday June 4th. Contests that take place during All Events Day include Fashion and Quilt Revue, Stir-Ups, and Communications contests. 2012 All Events Day participants were Kelsey Grant (Stir-Ups), Valerie Greenfield (Stir-Ups and Demonstration), Ann Grue (Fashion Revue and Stir-Ups), Layna Grue (Demonstration), Dayton Keltner (Fashion Revue), Emily Koppenhaver (Stir-Ups and Demonstration), Kayla Koppenhaver (Stir-Ups and Demonstration), Nathan Koppenhaver (Stir-Ups and Illustrated Talk), Deanna Loomis (Quilt Revue), Jason Loomis (Stir-Ups and Quilt Revue), Jessica Loomis (Stir-Ups and Quilt Revue), Sean Loomis (Stir-Ups), Alyssa Morast (Fashion Revue), Jordyn Olson (Demonstration), Randee Shannon (Stir-Ups, Fashion Revue and Demonstration), Travis Shannon (Stir-Ups and Demonstration), Chay VanDyke (Stir-Ups and Illustrated Talk), and Morganne VanDyke (Stir-Ups).

In the Fashion and Quilt Revue contest, contestants modeled the garments they sewed, showed the quilts they created, and answered interview questions. For the Stir-Ups contest, contestants competed in three age divisions. Cloverbuds made pudding, Junior A contestants made trail mix, Junior B contestants made fruit or vegetable pizza, and Senior contestants made a main dish. The public was invited to attend the Communications contest where contestants presented demonstrations and illustrated talks. Following the Communications contest, the public sampled items made during the Stir-Ups contest and watched the Fashion and Quilt Revue. 
All Events Day concluded with an awards presentation. Contest winners were:  
Overall Textiles Grand Champion-Randee Shannon, Overall Textiles Reserve Champion-Jessica Loomis, Fashion Revue Junior Grand Champion -Ann Grue, Fashion Revue Junior Reserve Champion -Kelsey Grant, Fashion Revue Senior Grand Champion -Alyssa Morast, Fashion Revue Senior Reserve Champion-Randee Shannon, Quilt Revue Junior Grand Champion-Jessica Loomis, Quilt Revue Junior Reserve Champion-Jason Loomis, Quilt Revue Senior Grand & Reserve Champion-Deanna Loomis.
     Overall Stir-Ups Grand Champion-Valerie Greenfield, Overall Stir-Ups Reserve Champion-Randee Shannon, Stir-Ups Junior Grand Champion-Valerie Greenfield, Stir-Ups Junior Reserve Champion-Jason Loomis.
Overall Communications Grand Champion-Travis Shannon, Overall Communications Reserve Champion-Randee Shannon, 
Demonstrations/Illustrated Talks Junior Grand Champion-Travis Shannon, Demonstrations/Illustrated Talks Junior Reserve Champion-Valerie Greenfield, Demonstrations/Illustrated Talks Senior Grand Champion-Randee Shannon.

Published June 13, 2012

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