Lacey Haughian and German Wildcats team advance to national championship

Lacey Haughian plays with the Wolfenbuettel Wildcats.

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  Having played pro ball for 4 years overseas, Lacey Haughian signed with the Wolfenbuettel Wildcats in Wolfenbuettel, Germany in July, 2011 and flew over in August to start practicing with her new team and coach. 

In preparation for the season the team traveled to the Czech Republic for an intensive 3-week training camp. Following the camp the team endured a regimented training/practice program. 
The team includes a strength and agility trainer, a physical therapist and treatment therapist, that helps players during the week and prior to games treating muscle strains and stiffness. 
Team sponsors help to finance the team, the players in return help with community events and basketball camps. 
At times language barriers become an issue, so the three American players are teamed with German players so their discussions can be translated into German.
The team’s hard work and commitment to their game of basketball has paid off. The post- season play-offs has seen many upsets. The Wildcats won the 1st place seat, head into playoffs, which came down to the last game. The Wildcats had been in second place most of the season. So as it came to the final season games the 1st place team lost, the Wildcats won. So the play-offs are the best of three games with the four top seeded teams. The bottom four teams don't qualify for the playoffs. If the games go to the third game, the high seeded team has home court advantage.
Of the top four placed teams three teams lost out in the first round playoffs. The Wildcat's had to play three games to make it to the semi-finals. They also advanced to the semi-finals and again found themselves having to play a third game to advance to the German National Championship. 
The Wildcats have home court advantage for the opening game slated for Saturday then the following game is on Tuesday at Halle Lions, only a 2-hour travel time from Wolfenbuettel. The championship is the best of five games. 
Haughian is expected to return home mid-May.

Published May 2, 2012

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