Meet The Staff

  Jerri Lacquement, Composing
A Tennessee native, Lacquement first began working at the Terry Tribune in May, 2010. After a brief stint pursuing other ventures, she returned to the Tribune office in the summer of 2013. Lacquement lives in Terry with her husband Adam and their two children, Exelee and Hunter. Their oldest daughter Lizzy lives in Billings. Her duties include handling ad sales and composing pages. 
  Sharilyn Kortum, Sports Editor
Kortum is a 1995 graduate of Montana State University - Bozeman and an avid sports enthusiast. Raised in Terry, Kortum's basketball career carried through high school into college as she played for the MSU Bobcats. Along with heading up Tribune sports, she is the head coach for the Terry High School girls' basketball team.
  Betty Stepper, Bookkeeper
Stepper's  most recent employment with the Terry Tribune began in 2002. Her first job out of high school was at the Ainsworth Star Journal in Nebraska. Later, Stepper was employed at the Terry Tribune by owner/editor H.J. Spiller in 1962, where she ran the linotype machine. In 1974 she began a three-decade career in the Prairie County Assessor office. She was elected as Prairie County Accessor in 1979. Stepper's working career has gone full circle with her return to the Tribune.
   Kay Hoffer, Editor
Hoffer has been with The Terry Tribune since Sept. of 2007. She was raised in Terry and studied journalism at Idaho State University, attaining a BA in Mass Communication in 1999.
  Dan Killoy, Publisher
Killoy has been publisher of The Terry Tribune, The Miles City Star and Forsyth Independent Press since June of 2000. He is a lifelong Montana resident who started his newspaper career in Butte at the Montana Standard in 1964. He was publisher of the Standard from 1990-95.


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